Protect My ID vs LifeLock

LifeLock vs. Protect My ID – Which is Best?

Protect My IDNot all identity protection companies offer the same things. Some offer monitoring of your credit report which, face it, if it makes it to your credit report, it has taken too long to find the breach. Others offer better family rates than competitors. So you have to look at several things to find out if one company is really better than another.  For instance, look at LifeLock  and Protect My ID. What are the similarities and the differences between these two companies, and which is the best?

Any time you decide to purchase a product, don’t you do some comparison shopping? That’s what you can do with online services, too, such as companies that help to prevent identity theft. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America for a reason – our information is more accessible today than ever before.

What about their reputation? Well, for one thing, you’ve probably heard of LifeLock, and you may have never heard of Protect My ID. That’s because LifeLock has years of experience in protecting identities. And in the cyberworld, to say that a company has years of experience is really an accomplishment – many fly-by-nights have come and gone.

Consider, also, the type of security the company offers. Does Protect My ID offer fraud alerts for your credit cards? Did you know that LifeLock INVENTED fraud alerts? They also were the first major company to implement the credit freeze to protect your credit.

What about recovery assistance. Of course, nobody wants to ever have to use this service, but if the almost inevitable happens, you’ll need help with recovery. This is where LifeLock puts its competition on the dust. Protect My ID provides up to a million dollars to reimburse you for taking identity thieves to court and prosecuting them. LifeLock does the prosecution for you.

You get the same million dollars worth of service, but you don’t have to find lawyers experienced in this type of crime, and you don’t have to hire an investigator. You don’t have to make endless calls to your case manager to take care of details that you know very little about. LifeLock does all of that for you. You get up to a million dollars of attorney, investigator, and case manager services if your identity does become compromised. This means while other people are having to take a week off to make phone calls and appear in court, you are at work while someone else takes care of all of that.

Each ID theft protection company offers additional services. Some offer the often redundant service of anti-spyware for your computer. But none of the offer the extra of monitoring your address. Much of the identity theft that occurs is simply the result of a thief sending a change of address notice to your credit card company or other important entity. LifeLock monitors the postal service, and will alert you if there is any change of address request.  To read my full LifeLock review please click here.

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