TrustedId Vs LifeLock

LifeLock vs. TrustedID – Which Should You Choose?

TrustedID ReviewIn a world in which one of the most pernicious crimes is identity theft, a service that protects your identity is invaluable. Much of our business is conducted online, requiring our personal information in many different forms. It can be overwhelming to decide which type of identity protection to use.

Some people use LifeLock to protect their identities, while some choose TrustedID. But, which is better? The evolution of identity protection has brought about increasingly sophisticated software and services designed to foil the attempts of criminals who would want to breech your bank’s security.

LifeLock has recently, in the last 6 months, launched its Command Center. LifeLock monitors the unregulated internet networks that share your personal information. They also monitor payday loans and other records made available to the public, such as sex offender registries. Once LifeLock discovers any of your information on any of these sites, it will immediately notify you of the breach.

LifeLock also offers a $1,000,000 guarantee, meaning that it will spend up to that amount of money to restore your identity if it does get stolen. They also have eRecon that keeps track of criminal Web sites that sell and trade personal information. If LifeLock discovers any of your ID information on one of these sites, they notify you immediately and help you to stop the problem. You also get TrueAddress service, in case some ID thief tries to steal your identity by sending in a change of address – a common way for them to get your mail.

TrustedID also performs most of these functions. The difference is with your security with address changes. LifeLock keeps track of the post office databases, while TrustedID does not. This is a crucial difference, given the amount of identity fraud that is carried out by change of address scams. Instead, TrustedID offers, for an extra charge, an anti-spyware program for your computer. Most people, however, have their own anti-spyware software, and view this as a redundant and expensive feature.

Most experts in ID protection agree that nothing can keep all threats of ID theft at bay, but the recovery from the theft is key for marketing. With LifeLock, you have $1,000,000 backing you up, in which the LifeLock attorneys work in your behalf to restore your good name. TrustedID provides you with a kit. This kit gives you step by step instructions for recovering your identity. You have to hire your own attorney, but you will receive reimbursement for the costs.

The costs for individuals is about the same with both companies, but the rates for an entire family is a little lower with TrustedID. However LifeLock has been around longer, and has the reputation for prosecuting identity thieves to the full extent of the law. And, it doesn’t cost you any extra. The attorney, case manager, and investigator are all trained in the processes of restoring your name. All you have to do is say the word, and they do it for you. You don’t have to miss work to take care of it yourself.

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